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Part time Network and System Administrator

A part time network and system administrator is exactly what most of today's small businesses need. With the variety of hardware and software, operating systems and networks, viruses and trojan horses, most companies are ill equipped to deal with today's complex systems and networks.

Many companies are not aware that even among the Microsoft operating systems there are different operating systems for home use and for business use.  Also, most do not have daily backups and a plan to bring everything back up should there be a fire and the computers destroyed.  Add to that the use of corporate versions of software to ease management and it starts to become simple to see why your business needs someone on staff that knows computers and networks.

The problem that most small companies face, is the cost of hiring a system and network administrator.  An admin who is well versed in hardware, software, networking and operating systems will demand a salary over $150,000.  By the time you add in benefits, payroll taxes, holidays, sick time and vacations, the actual cost of this employee is in excess of $800 per day.

Enter the part-time admin

A part-time administrator allows the small business to bring in such an employee far less often than five days per week, allowing the company to have an admin on staff without having to commit to the full 6-figure paycheck.

The admin will generally start at a relatively high frequency in order to make any recommendations and subsequent changes that are needed to get everything safe and working well.  Once the network is in a more stable state, the frequency is decreased.  Many businesses for instance, start at 2 days per week then after the initial period drop to 1 day per week.

Other available services

  • Website design & development
  • Telecom sales, installation, maintenance & consultancy
  • Home automation
  • Cabling for voice, data & video (cable/satellite TV)

What area is covered?

Work generally starts fully on site, then can perhaps become a mix of on- and off-site work if the network has a permanent internet connection and it is in the best interest of the business.  Often there is not a desk regularly available and the work can be done over the internet with software such as LogMeIn or TeamViewer.

A notebook is usually carried to onsite jobs loaded with both Windows and Linux, with both wired (10/100/1000 ethernet) and wireless (WiFi 802.11b/g/n) network cards.  Any other connectivity will need to be provided.

As for physical proximity, the  starting point is central Long Island, making the workable area anywhere in Long Island & New York City (Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn). 
If an on-site presence is required, a visit charge applies.

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